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Beginning of Life - What We Do

1. Urban Center «Beginning of Life»

The Urban Center seeks to influence and shape a new generation of young and passionate leaders, who will be capable of taking responsibility for making a real difference to the situation in Moldova.

  • Youth education center
  • Youth for tomorrow
  • Research and publications
  • Supporting the vulnerable
  • Sports and health




2. «House of Change»

House of Change is unique in providing holistic care on an individual basis for girls who have been through human trafficking and suffered sexual exploitation. The main areas of assistance are:

  • Physical  – safe housing, healthy food, medical services,
  • Emotional – counseling (including art therapy, music therapy)
  • Intellectual– literacy, education, mental development
  • Social – life skills training, professional orientation, reintegration into the family, conflict resolution, social assistance,
  • Spiritual – a guide to accepting God’s grace.


3. Dream House

Dream House is a prevention center for at-risk girls, ages 14-17.

Dream House program provides support for girls IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS:

  • Physical  – safe housing, medical care, food, basic needs,
  • Intellectual– helping with their school curriculum and enhancing their desire to continue studies,
  • Emotional – psychological counselling,
  • Social – developing their life skills, professional orientation, reintegration into the family (if possible), communication and conflict resolution, social assistance,
  • Spiritual – instructing them in the knowledge of God’s grace.




4. Psychological Art Studio (PAS)

There are hundreds and thousands of people in Moldova who are suffering from violence and abuse in their families http://viagrai...tra/. Art is a very powerful tool to overcome these injuries and psycho-emotional shock.

In BOL’s Psychological Art Studio (PAS), we combine art and psychological care, taking advantage of the best discoveries in these areas. The target groups are victims of domestic violence and sexual exploitation, as well as people who suffer from loneliness and depression. At the same time, BOL aims to identify and develop the skills of gifted children. Arts festivals, exhibitions and fairs bring additional incentives to improve people’s self-esteem and hope for the future.




5. Humanitarian Aid Center

Women are known to be the most vulnerable and unprotected members of Moldovan society. They experience various forms of oppression and stigmatization.

95% of women in Moldova have experienced violence at least once in their lives. Over 30% of women are regularly subjected to emotional, economic, sexual and physical abuse. 80% of Moldovan women have had two or more abortions in their lives, the majority for economic reasons. Recognizing the desperate situations faced by vulnerable groups of Moldovan society, BOL opened a humanitarian aid center with the aim of providing assistance to the most vulnerable and needy. The center distributes food, clothing and hygiene items.




Research and publications

Since 2008, BOL regularly conducts research on current social issues and problems within Moldovan society, seeking to fully understand them and find relevant answers. All the results of these studies are published in books, manuals and articles.
Also, we are involved in the publication of a youth magazine, ‘Escape’ - with an online version at - for a wide range of Russian and Romanian- speaking readers. Among the articles, videos and radio programs on these media platforms, anyone can find interesting information and answers to urgent questions.



International  influence

By its example, as a national organization, BOL inspires communities of people from many different countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia to serve vulnerable, bringing transformation to the local community. Seminars, lectures, trainings and other development approaches taken by BOL have often been taught in Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan and others location where people also do not want to be indifferent to the plight of others and, just like us, want to address the needs of society and make a difference.