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Beginning of Life - TRAINING PROGRAM



Continual migration deeply damages the formation of life values and skills of the new generation. In response, we developed specialized ‘trainings for trainers’ in order to equip teachers and school directors to address acute social issues such as sexual exploitation, violence, migration, bullying and suicide, and to influence more effectively children’s self-determination and decision-making process.

                We provide relevant didactical materials and methods to about 80 teachers every year, materials which they take back and implement in their activities, fact proven so far successful in about 100 public schools and colleges in the country, reaching more than 8000 students.   




Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas dear friends and partners. We are thankful for all the blessings and achievements during this year and we look forward to stay strong in the ministry and help people find peace, hope and transformation! We wish you the very best and thank you for being close to us! 


Real People – Real Changes

We are happy to see how people find support, learn how to overcome traumas and life challenges, taking courage and building resilience in the process of work that we do. Every season grows in numbers, in transformed and empowered lives for better communities and a better country. At Dream House, as the girls come closer to the ending of their 3-yea


Video Newsletter 2018 (video)

Here is our Video Newsletter for 2018! A great year of amazing achievements, changes and powerful stories of transformation! From Beginning of Life Moldova, together with the entire team we thank to all those friends and partners who were close to us, visited and suported the ministry throughout this amazing year. We wish you a Happy New Year and b