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Category: Stories Published on 28 April 2015

Not long ago Aurelia's life was changed radically. The house in which she was living with her husband and their two little girls suddenly caught fire and burned badly. Cristina who is 6 years old managed to get out before she could get hurt, but Mihaela who is only 3 was left unattended and suffered burns up to 40% of her body.

Regarding their belongings and furniture, almost everything was lost in fire. Up to the accident Aurelia was working as maid in the public school of the village and her husband as a simple worker within the village. The house was not theirs, they were renting it, but were thankful with the less they had and the presence of their two wonderful girls.

            Immediately after the accident Aurelia's husband gave up on them leaving her to raise the girls alone and face the bad situation. He went back to his parent's village and formed a new family. Aurelia was alone now with her two daughters, of which Mihaela was hospitalized with great need of treatment. She had to give up on her work because her 24 h. presence for Mihaela was mandatory, given the fact that the fire made her lose all her fingers and was not able to do anything by herself.

            At the moment Mihaela is still in hospital and besides the intensive care and massage she receives, she needs a new leg surgery, but the financial aid she receives monthly from the government is barely enough for food and maintenance.

            When the accident happened almost all their belongings were burned, thus Aurelia was needed to do repairs and buy new furniture and necessary means in the house. It was very difficult for her, but with the small allowance from the government she managed to buy cheap furniture and other things that replaced the old ones. Later when she finished repairing the owner of the house asked her to leave because he was ready to sell it. Aurelia convinced him to give her more time because they had nowhere to go, so at the moment she continues to live in the same house.

            The accident also affected the chance of receiving early education for Mihaela. Because she has no fingers and her face has burning marks most kindergartens don't want to receive her, given the fact that someone will have to constantly take care of her and her presence will create discomfort for other children.

            Fortunately, we found out about Aurelia and her situation and we were ready to give our help and support for comforting her. She became part of "Mother+" project, receiving monthly food and material help. Her little girl was welcomed in "Early Learning Center" where she is having a very good time together with other children, not feeling pressure and discomfort. She has no fingers but on her own she is tying her cap, shoes, dressing her clothes, playing, full of life and joy. Aurelia is so happy and grateful seeing her daughter having a good time, and she is thankful for all the help and support that she gets.

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