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Beginning of Life - I know who I want to be

I know who I want to be

Category: Stories Published on 21 February 2017

Maxim successfully graduated the 1st year of Way to Success course and already enrolled for the second year. If to describe him in one word, then that will be thinker.

From the very first days of acquaintance Maxim highlighted himself among the other peers due to his great interest and knowledge for philosophy, policy and world's history. Out on his reading list you can find scientific books, economical books, history, religion, politics and many others. Maxim knows how to think globally and is able to understand and comment on such matters as breaking events from all over the world. He is also good looking, always tastefully dressed and mannered.

                At first, our question was what will such a person need in terms of help? But Maxim, as many others of his age needed to understand holistically who he is and what are his strong and weak sides that are either pulling him back or pushing him forward in life. Knowing things and speaking well could be just the beginning of taking the journey of success up till the end. Thus, very soon we noticed that in spite of all the positive aspects, Maxim was confused and unable to understand what exactly is there to fallow and dedicate for in life. Moreover, he was trying hard to understand his inner motivations and to gain control over his emotions, given the fact that he was very peevish at first. His knowledge and intellect built inside him the false idea that he was always right in his opinion, so while the other members of the group were sharing different opinions he could easily get frustrated or upset.

                The bright side of the story is that Maxim said yes to changes. With his openness and willingness to learn brought several important improvements, which make today Maxim a different person. Slowly but confidently he refocused his motivations and future orientation, and start challenging the negative sides of his character, literally saying that he was helped to step on a way that leads towards success. Step by step he learned within the trainings to properly form his thoughts and arguments, gaining patience and ability to share others' opinions as well. However, what changed him the most was coming to a firm decision regarding his future professional orientation. Within the year of training he was able to understand that his analytical mind, historical knowledge and political interest can be used in journalism and media, so after high school graduation he shared with us the good news of being accepted for the journalism faculty studies here in Chisinau.

                   Fortunately, the story does not end here. For one more year Maxim will come to study at Way to Success, learning and growing to become a better person and for others around him - an agent of social transformation. 

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