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Beginning of Life - ''You make my life much more beautiful''

''You make my life much more beautiful''

Category: Stories Published on 21 February 2017

Olga is a young single mother of a 2 year old girl named Inga, who from a very young age experienced rejection and also deep pain of losing dear ones. First, her father passed away when she was young, growing up only with her mother and brothers.

Later, a series of unfortunate life events led to cold relationships with her brothers. In thirst for affection, she got married go to this web-site. Unfortunately, few months later she gave birth to a little girl with serious health issues, always in need to attend hospitals and by medicines, but whom she loves and cares with all her heart. And, as if this was not enough, after Inga's birth Olga lost her husband who passed away. Even though she had Inga, whose presents made life much more beautiful, she felt alone, hopeless and ready to give up on everything.

                However, slowly Olga learned to be strong and fight for her daughter’s wellbeing. She lives in her father in law’s house, but suffers from low financial income and lack of physical support. Olga ceased getting the 400 lei (21$ USD) monthly allowance from the government (21$ is the standard amount of money a single mother receives per child up to the age of 1,5 years old) and the only hope is the small allowance she hopes to get from government for Inga’s disability issues.

                Fortunately, Olga came to Early Learning Center within Beginning of Life where she was encouraged to attend classes and bring changes into her desperate situation. Coming to classes Olga was very shy and closed, avoiding personal interaction with the social teachers and the other women from the group, especially frustrated when someone was curious about Inga's health issue. She was afraid to speak and let people know about her real situation and inner fights she was going through. But very soon Olga discovered a ''different world''. She was welcomed to a place of nice, loving people, a place where she felt important, needed and encouraged to start bringing changes into her life. Slowly, with burning desire Olga began learning and taking to practice, along with other single mothers like her things she never heard before, changing her life in a wonderful way.

                Today, Olga is different, ''blooming'' more and more at all life levels, with new hopes, dreams and desire for life. Not long ago she said: ''Early Learning Center helped me and my family so much. Both I and my little girl successfully improved several shaky fields from our lives. I became friends with other mothers, giving me possibility to socialize and learn more from others' experience. I've learned things I simply didn't know before as a mother, and along with me, Inga became more sociable and attentive to each class and activity conducted in the center. I'm so grateful to be part of this project, to receive all this attention and love, which makes my life much more beautiful.''

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