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Beginning of Life - Christmas is close to us

Christmas is close to us

Category: News Created on 06 January 2016

Since Christmas is one of the few times of year when people consider family the most – gathering round the table, sharing gifts, interacting with each other and enjoying good moments – Beginning of Life tries each year to take a few more steps towards reaching out to people who lack the joy of celebration.


This year, thousands of people received more than just our material help or gifts. We enjoyed blessed opportunities to make people happy by sharing the transformational story of Jesus’ birth, giving children presents, inviting people to spend quality time in the warm atmosphere of our centers and make beautiful memories.

This year BOL’s team performed a series of Christmas events for various groups of people in different places. Small children in the Early Learning Center; teens and students in state schools; adults in the church; in Chisinau, Comtrat, Balti, Ungheni and many other towns and villages… in all, over 4,000 people were witness to the good news of Jesus’ birth, and opened their arms to receive beautiful gifts.

Furthermore, the BOL team, together with some young people organised a special play called “Christmas is close to us.” The main idea of the play was to show that Christmas is not simply about the past, but that Christmas is a current event. Jesus is present in the here and now, for everyone. Thus the audience was invited to ‘travel in time’ in order to experience the story of Jesus’ birth as told by different actors.  Playing the part of the angels, wise men and shepherds of that time were friends from our discussion days, intellectuals and others.

As such, the play offered more than just a visual picture of events that happened many years ago. People were emotionally involved within the scenes played, weighing up their faith or scepticism regarding Jesus’ birth. All of our guests were both impressed and moved by the play, showing their interest in learning more about the new-born King Jesus.


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