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Beginning of Life - Thriving in Contrasts

Thriving in Contrasts

Category: News Created on 24 November 2015

For artists, an exhibition is always a means of expressing events and influences in their life. In early days of summer, Psychological Art Studio organized a 3rd Exhibition of Paintings, Handicrafts and Pottery Art-Works.


            There 64 students passed the full course of art-therapy and not only learned to overcome the emotional downs, fears and anxiety, but also found confidence in expression of their inner world.  This year’s exhibition was dedicated to real life, thematic contrasts such as poverty-wealth or youth-old age and others.  This way we got a unique chance to make the students, and later exhibition’ audience, think and shape a deep understanding of what it is to be poor or wealthy, how it is to be young or old, what it means to go through joy or sorrow and fear. We have seen how these young women, teenagers and children were opening their minds and hearts, allowing us to influence them towards better solutions for their problems and traumas.  

            After the Exhibition was carried out an Open Air Art-Therapy Camp - one of the first of this kind in Moldova. This event gave an opportunity for our 50 students to meet together and share their impressions, experiences and stories. Most of the activities were organized to make these people socialize and interact within the process of creativity. This was achieved, displaying again how powerful can be art in overcoming the isolation, aggression or distrust among people. We were amazed to see some of our students, who before were so absorbed in their problems, sharing their stories of restoration, and helping others.


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