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Beginning of Life - Recharge your Soul

Recharge your Soul

Category: News Created on 16 November 2015

This summer, Early Learning Center organized a socialization camp for single mothers and their children. The three days were a great time for 28 Mothers and 45 children aged between 1-10 years old coming from different parts of the country. Many young mothers experienced an atmosphere of safety, acceptance and joy for the first time in their lives, having lacked these things in the needy or violent background they come from.


            Anna, one of the mothers, approached us one evening and said: “…it is a great opportunity both for me and my child. I had never experienced such a wonderful time before, away from daily work and difficult. I am very grateful to be here, among good people” http://vi...-counter-viagra/

            Motivated and moved by the passion we have for all the mothers we work with, that face loneliness and lack many life skills, this year we elaborated a special program able to cover three main areas of their lives – body, soul and spirit, including both trainings and practical activities. Within the first day we organized different masterclasses of hygiene care, hairstyling, makeup and others. On the second day, we were reaching emotional sphere. The main goal was to learn to overcome the negative emotions, fear, loneliness and anxiety. And finally, on the third day was underlined the spiritual sphere. Women were challenged to read Bible together with their children, to reflect upon their spiritual state and to pray. One of our beneficiaries Natalia – mother of 5 children – personally stood up and admitted: I was deeply moved by the issue we discussed and compassionate attitude of the leaders. So, I am very grateful for all your attention, patience and love that you’ve shown us all so far. We are moved by the fact that you care for such people as us and give your time and energy in improving our situation. Thank you!” Again, we feel honored and blessed to make a difference in the lives of all these women. 



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