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Beginning of Life - 3rd Festival of Success

3rd Festival of Success

Category: News Created on 13 November 2015

In June Way to Success celebrated its 3-rd Graduation where participated over 200 young men and ladies who completed or made a step toward the end of schools studies. As always interactive, brain-burning tasks and activities along with much fun and lots of smiley faces...


We are happy that Way to Success course still attracts young people to find a new way of understanding themselves and other people around them, and desire to reach bigger purposes in life. It was joint festival for all Way to Success students from Urban Centers from Chisinau, Comrat and Balti. Along with fun of celebration there was organized a big open air training where teams of graduate could present their skills and knowledge successfully gained during the year. These young people are the future of Moldova and we believe they will find their place in that future... and then, something will be changed.


Oleg, 16 years old.

„Way to Success brought to life a new person within me, someone that loves to spend time with others and get involved in improving the society. Everything that took place along the year and powerful discussions I had with the leaders, strongly motivated me to become an agent of positive changes. Now I am passionate for people in need and other teenagers like me. I became a volunteer within the project and I love to give my time and energy for others’ use. For my future years to come I will be guided by the team’s motto: Begin to live for others, overcoming your desires.


Nikolai, 18 years old.

„Reality overcame my expectations – that is what I can say about Way to Success; that is what happened after one year of studies within the project. Coming here, I found myself surrounded by young people with purpose driven lives, people ready to share their emotions and strengths in helping you. Way to Success helped me bring order in my life and values, things that were in chaos before. Now I know for sure who I am, what I need to do and who I want to be many years from now. Most important – if before all I wanted was to build a future abroad, far away from home and family, now my desire is to bring the best of me here at home, in Moldova.”



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