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Beginning of Life - Changing the way future will look (video)

Changing the way future will look (video)

Category: News Created on 13 November 2015

For more than two years the Way to Success program has been involved in reaching, influencing and growing powerful young generations of leaders who will be able to make real differences here, at home, within Moldova.

This spring we had valuable news coming from all three regions – North, South and Center - where BOL has implemented the program. It gave us great pleasure to see them getting involved with passion in various actions and social projects, changing not only their situations but other people’s lives too.


At the Urban Center in Comrat, girls from Way to Success decided to change the day for dozens of needy and unhappy children in the city. They gathered with their own strength and prepared different toys, printed coloring pages and inflated balloons, and bought color pencils. Taking everything they went to visit children from different institutions in the city, including children's department within the city hospital, kindergartens and nurseries. All these opened doors gave them the privilege to spend time talking and playing with the little ones, to whose faces great pleasure and happiness was brought by the simple fact that someone decided to spend time with them and share beautiful gifts.

In Chisinau, challenged by the issue of emigration, students from Way to Success decided to greet people at the airport. The main idea of the initiative was: “You are always welcome at home, because your country needs you and we are glad to have you back!” Thus were greeted 3 aircraft from Milan, Istanbul and Verona, 80% of the passengers being Moldavian citizens. The students were dressed in national costumes, played traditional Moldavian songs and greeted people with traditional ‘Mamaliga’ flavored with sour cream and cheese, candies, juice and our spring symbol ‘Martisor’. Through their action, people were encouraged to come home, to live in Moldova and to love their country.

Later, another group of Way to Success students had the good initiative to arrange a flower bed in one of the platforms of Chisinau. Armed with tools, paint and good cheer, students left their home activities and headed towards the needy place. The need was great, so students start working by digging the ground, decorating the flower bed with soft branches, planting flowers and lawn and painting the edge of the flower bed and children's playground near it. Their example inspired close residents of the neighborhood who left their houses not only to show their gratitude, but also to give a helping hand.

In the North of the country, in Balti, freshmen of the project Way to Success gathered for an unusual art event named ‘Newspapers party’! Remembering Pablo Picasso's words - "Art, the magic that makes you go through everyday burdens” - young people from the project left their worries and troubles aside and dedicated some special hours to the same "magic" that makes the world more beautiful and peaceful - to art, only this time using lots and lots of old newspapers instead of brushes, paintings and other art tools. The meeting was intended to create a comfortable and pleasant environment in which to relax and learn that the greater the diversity and creativity in the things they do, the more it will bring success and satisfaction in life.

For Way to Success in Balti, April was also marked by the realization of a special City Quest. Six teams were scattered throughout the city and gave of their best in competing with each other through several different hidden points. Tasks and challenges were many and difficult, starting with physical effort such as inflating car tires, up to earning money on the street or using gained knowledge or skills throughout the year to complete the requirements for each point. In the end, winners received special surprises and all got together to share their emotions, stories and a hot cup of tea. Such actions, and many more yet to come, bring young people together, giving birth to strong characters and friendships for life. There has always been passion, dedication and courage, enabling each individual to take confident steps on the long and interesting way to success.


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