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Beginning of Life - BOL 15th Anniversary Festival

BOL 15th Anniversary Festival

Category: News Created on 01 June 2015

This year on May 15th Beginning of Life celebrated the anniversary of 15 years of hard work and activity within Moldova. To share their congratulations and words of gratitude more than 400 people overfilled the great number of seats within the auditory with flowers in their hands and big smiles of happiness shining on their faces.

The sight was so beautiful and touching, just seeing everyone sharing the same passion as those constantly involved within BOL’s work over the years. Thus, from the beginning till the very end were shed many tears of joy, sounded thunderous applauses and were shared great words of congratulation and encouragement.

Given the fact that through its activity BOL managed to reach over the past 15 years around 110,000 beneficiaries, was impossible to have everyone together for the anniversary, so mostly the celebration was attended by BOL’s present beneficiaries and different people within and outside BOL’s sphere of influence, such as: Single mothers with their children, teenagers and young people from different educational institutions, BOL’s friends, people from the Church, BOL partners and people from abroad countries like: Germany, Sweden, New Zeeland, India, Bulgaria, UK, Asia, and other.

The entire festival program sought to present through different acts, both theatrical and musical, the activity specific of each program inside BOL. Thus were included national and sport dances performed by students from the local high schools in Chisinau which collaborate with BOL; Songs and recitals that were underlining different social issues towards which solving BOL is actively involved, and theatrical dramatic moments that strongly managed to speak about the most acute problems within the society such as violence in the family and human trafficking. Thus, the guests were witnesses to the active involvement of BOL within society and the thousands of positive results that came along the years, making BOL presents there where changes are really needed.

The end of the celebration was very special given the fact that few teachers from two public schools in Chisinau in which BOL is involved with prevention came up in front and shared openly their gratitude towards BOL’s constructive work for so many years.

Looking back, we remember that BOL history start from one idea and a single person that was ready to implement that idea and to give enough time and effort in changing other people’s lives. Along the way, step by step, other people inspired and passionate by the same work began to involve giving more life and effectiveness to the program. Today BOL has grown up to 50 employees and hundreds of other volunteers working in 7 different program centers within 3 geographical points in the country. Every year thousands of beneficiaries go through BOL’s projects receiving help in various forms and chance to a new, different way of life.


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