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Beginning of Life - EU Opened Borders

EU Opened Borders

Category: News Created on 01 June 2015

For two days, starting with May 14th, Beginning of Life had the privilege and honor to initiate and host the Pan European conference named „European Union Opened Borders: Changed realities of human trafficking, exploitation and migration.” The goal of the conference was to open dialog about new realities and challenges of different trends in human trafficking, exploitation and migration, issues that gain land and changed appearance along with the opening of new geographical borders in Eastern Europe.

For the dialog were invited several personalities working in the field and fighting with the injustice from different countries within Europe and outside of it. Have participated teachers, specialists in science, members of parliament, deans and professors, businessman, policy advisors, directors of NGO's, different employees and many others from countries like Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, India, UK, New Zealand, Moldova, Romania, Asia, USA, etc.

Within 2 days of dialog were deeply discussed such issues as: Changed reality of human trafficking and sexual exploitation; Changed reality of Europe; Changed reality of exploitation: Pornography; Illegal migration and sexual exploitation; Mentality and prevention as an answer to sexual exploitation; New realities and challenges of extensive policy from the East Europe, and more.The issues were discussed both in the common auditory, making possible more room for different questions and comments and in the separate workshops based on various professional activity interests.

The conference hosted over 100 people that strongly showed their interest in coming, in getting actively involved in all the dialogues and commentaries within the conference and continuing all the possible researches and solving implementations after the conference in their own areas of influence. Most speakers shared their knowledge, reflections and experience from their backgrounds giving more light and perspective to all the discussions, creating within 2 days of conference a rich and strong informational base that can be used further as instrument in reaching the affected areas and make a change.

Giving the fact that all these issues are rapidly changing face and gaining human territory, making sexual slavery of any kind to prosper and strengthen in the nearby societies we live and want to grow healthy families, was established the intention of continuing the dialogue and the research initiated in order to give necessary answers and voice to all the possible actions that can be undertook in curing the illness of sexual slavery.


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