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Beginning of Life - Our mission is Restoration

Our mission is Restoration

Category: News Created on 20 March 2015

"Psychological Art Studio" (PAS) exists to touch peoples' souls and hearts through art. Every day, the center opens its doors to show the beauty of God that lies within every human being and to help them see God, the One who makes a difference in peoples' lives. PAS believes that art is one of His instruments for restoration of brokenness, more than just written or spoken words, but as action! This is what about 60 people, regardless of age and nationality, come to experience every day by doing needlework, handcrafting, painting, drawing, and clay work, making the last three months very intense and motivational for both employees and beneficiaries.


            Winter began with the Christmas play organized by "PAS" team. The play was able to reach 1000 people during several days of performance, combining art and drama in order to draw the image of redemption. 

            Later on, winter holiday season brought blessings for the "PAS" center. The annual fair, organized by the ambassadors' wives, made a large amount room for center's small art shop, "Art Story". The event surpassed all expectations and created sales of 20,000 MDL. The fair was followed by other similar exhibitions during the winter, such as the Valentine’s Day fair in the town of  Vatra.

            "Art Story" is increasingly valued abroad, but within the country the center's employees and beneficiaries have been getting more opportunities to work on different orders for clothing, souvenirs, handicrafts and many other. This creates special opportunities for the store to develop and improve its works and for the beneficiaries to have paid work and a chance to develop life skills.

            Once again, this is what we do - using art as an instrument in healing people's broken lives and helping them to see the world with different eyes. The ultimate goal is to bring changed hearts to life, using art to continue to grow, develop and improve their lives. This winter proved once again the value and importance of the "Psychological Art Studio", both for its beneficiaries and the community it serves. We wish to continue that in order to influence even more.



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