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Beginning of Life - Always reaching a Helping Hand

Always reaching a Helping Hand

Category: News Created on 20 March 2015

Humanitarian Aid Center continued its full activity even during the cold winter period. From December until February, the project has opened many of our beneficiaries' doors and enriched their celebration with material and food products, and also with hope, encouragement, care and love, especially in their difficult period of life.


Approximately 12 tons of clothing were provided for about 230 BOL beneficiaries and for many projects of BOL’s organization and church partners. The clothes filled the needs of disadvantaged persons, large families, disabled persons, single mothers, and children. Also, other people's hard work and sacrifice made possible for us to bring happiness in the lives of over 1700 children from different schools during winter holidays in form of Christmas gifts. They received their presents by attending different group activities and lessons organized by our social teachers within Urban Center, BOL.

            Many of our beneficiaries are also in need of food products, given the fact that their very low salaries make food shopping limited and poor in quality köpa viagra. Again, due to the existing projects within Humanitarian Aid Center, such as "Ruth" and "HART", we had the opportunity to share over 280 food packages, which were a great help and encouragement for many needy families.

Along with all the help mentioned above, this winter 17 single mothers had the pleasure of receiving winter shoes for their small children. This was a great help for them because such shoes cost more than they can afford, even within the cheapest shops in the city. The result: 10 families didn't spend their winter in cold because we had the opportunity to offer them firewood, which will be enough for two years of heating.

            Once again, Humanitarian Aid Center's exists to, not only meet basic vital needs, but also to open people's hearts, encouraging and motivating them towards positive changes and teaching them to live a life of sacrifice and fear of God.

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