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Beginning of Life - Few more steps towards Success

Few more steps towards Success

Category: News Created on 20 March 2015

It's always pleasant to hear about young boys and girls who overcome fear, loneliness, insecurity and discouragement, breaking out from those existing vicious circles among their generation. In order to do that, they often need a helping hand. "Way to Success" exists to reach out that hand and face such challenges. Using the right instruments and a well-motivated team, the program creates safe ways towards real life success.


            During the winter period, the courses about social and professional character were even richer and more pleasant for the students of Chisinau. Christmas brought together over 200 youth who enjoyed memorable moments within the special celebration program, shared interesting activities, games, and stories. They also learned important facts about Christmas, God, and life and concluded by receiving pleasant gifts.

December also gave birth to “Formula of Good Deeds (1-1=2)”, a motivational initiative to encourage students to go beyond just receiving gifts for Christmas by giving gifts as well. Students had to find one or two vulnerable families or kids, fill their own box, put the special sticker on and share it with needy people. In this way, dozens of boxes were packed and distributed to needy people and families from Chisinau and close areas. The initiative changed, not only the beneficiaries, but our "Way to Success" students too, by teaching them compassion, sacrifice and kindness - few more steps towards success.

This winter also helped us to conduct personal consultations with students in order to get to know them better and have more influence. We also organized a board games competition between our first and second year students. The event created a very pleasant atmosphere where kids had the opportunity to show sharpness of mind, to compete with each other and fight for good rewards.

"Way to Success" believes in our young generation, brings people and talents together, and encourages changes. We measure success every month and continue to work, to improve and influence people.



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