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Beginning of Life - They are Not left Alone

They are Not left Alone

Category: News Created on 19 March 2015

Our Reintegration and emergency program continues throughout the year to identify and reach helpless women who suffered from injustice and exploitation. Its main goal is to touch people's hearts by giving a helping hand within their burdened situations. Looking back at this winter, we can sincerely confirm once again that quality, sacrifice, love and hard work were set together to fulfill the project’s objectives.

We organized 28 home visits with our beneficiaries, bringing large encouragements, joy for the children and material help for the families. Besides that, about 10 mayoralties were informed of the existence of this project to open many doors for future beneficiaries and increase awareness within official circles.

            The project also values individual meetings with the beneficiaries because they provide great opportunities to getting to know people’s needs, worries, and struggles and offer more than just material help. For this winter, we organized 8 individual meetings and, around Christmas time, all of our beneficiaries were invited together to attend a warm and friendly Christmas celebration meeting.

            Many of the project beneficiaries struggled to heat their homes during the winter, which gave us the possibility of sharing firewood and giving 15 families a "warm winter". Along with firewood, other 20 families received vegetables for the winter to cover some of their basic needs.

            In terms of "fresh news", during last two months, the project enjoyed finding a new needy beneficiary, helping a beneficiary to get passport, graduating 3 other beneficiaries, and helping 2 graduates to get a job and rent their own apartment. Such good news helps us understand that what we do fills more than people's material needs; it builds relationships, encourages and motivates people and helps them come to know God - the main reason behind all this great work.



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