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Beginning of Life - The Formula of Love

The Formula of Love

Category: News Created on 19 March 2015

Nothing is more inspiring and motivational than seeing people improve their lives as result of the work or ministry you do, especially with regards to young people, whose characters and conditions are very difficult to influence. In Urban Center Balti, this kind of change come every day, but the event that marked the past three months was the initiative "Formula of Love".


            First of all, the event was a new and interesting experience, dominated by action and fun for all the youth of "Way to Success" and "Life Skills" courses. It was held on Valentine's Day, February 14th, in the central square of the city. There was a banner hung for everyone to share his or her "Formula of Love." The authors were rewarded with a cup of hot tea and cookies in shape of heart for active involvement and creative ideas. Also different contests were held for couples to win prizes. Later, various cartoon heroes joined the festivities and helped parents show love to their children by embracing them and saying magic words, such as "I love you".

            Everything went very well because of the combination effort and passion that carried out the captivating and constructive activities for all the passers-by followed by lots of good and kind wishes to everyone. Remarkably, for many students, this was their first experience at a social event of this kind, so it was quite understandable when some did not want to participate. Despite that, all who prepared souvenirs and gifts reflected on the program, offering their ideas and their feelings. The volunteers were able to overcome any social barriers and draw the attention of citizens of all ages to the quality of true love.

            We believe that the emotions that overwhelmed participants will not be forgotten for a long time. They experience the joyful feeling of cheering someone up, bringing happiness to many couples, and making someone's day better. Finally, everyone felt important and useful, knowing that they were part of something good and caring. Most certainly the event managed to motivate and encourage the students for more because life is much more interesting when you give, sacrifice, and love!



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