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Beginning of Life - A passionate fresh start

A passionate fresh start

Category: News Created on 19 March 2015

For Urban Center Comrat, this winter was full of life, energy and activity. The cool weather outside was not enough to freeze the burning passion for the young generation living in the city. They ended the year by serving hot tea and coffee on the city streets, which was a great opportunity to discuss and build relationships. A special Christmas meeting followed for all "Way to Success" students where everyone enjoyed good time, learned new things about Christmas and received gifts.


The new year began with a special conference organized for almost 40 teachers from different schools, entitled "The Art of Communication". The event was meant to increase awareness and skills among teachers regarding the importance of proper communications within schools. The good news is that, because of its efficiency, the conference was held twice more for teachers of "Pedagogical College of Comrat" and "Tretyakov" lyceum.

            February 14th was also not an ordinary day for Urban Center. Everything was well thought out and planned ahead. The day began with a special city quest, meant to bring more than just smiles to girl's faces. The quest involved as many activities, competitions, surprises and good cheer. All the girls were more than satisfied and felt cherished, and became more willing and motivated to attend the center and all its activities.

            The end of February gave us the opportunity to conduct a two-week training within "Tretyakov" lyceum "How to live a healthy way of Life" for students from grades 5-9. We had two weeks of amazing time of impact and influence for students and teachers, which created strong relationships and opened important doors.

            So, both within the center and outside in schools and colleges, the small BOL team in Comrat managed to reach hundreds of students and teachers through activities, trainings and actions. The main motivation? A sincere desire to influence and shape the new generation, creating young and passionate leaders of men and women capable of making differences in their own contexts.


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