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Beginning of Life - Building a strong generation

Building a strong generation

Category: News Created on 18 March 2015

"This year I wish to promise something to God: I give Him my sincerity, my friendship, my love - I give myself to Him! I understand my misbehaving towards Him so I promise to control myself, to improve my actions, to have better grades at school and to live according to His expectations...” These are just some of the anonymous words written by teenagers from "Place of Change" program to end the previous year and began the new one. This is followed by many other similar confessions, regards, stories and positive changes, reflecting program's efficiency, influence and value within the lives of hundreds of teenagers.


            The past three months followed the same goal: to influence and shape the young new generation of our society to have strong characters and well formed values, capable of taking responsibilities and making differences within society. In spite of the cold outside, hundreds of teenagers participated in more than 6 open activities in form of contests, challenges, group games, presentations and so on. Around Christmas time teenagers enjoyed two special events organized by the entire team intended to underline the real meaning of the celebrations, so that teenagers will get to know the person of Jesus more and more. In December, we also hosted a thematic play that brought the image of salvation closer to their hearts.

            Every event, action, class or individual discussion within the program gives us clarity of the fact that impact is our strong point and the changes witnessed in the youth give importance to the entire program. However, our joy goes even deeper when we encounter a parent's gratitude and positive feedback. This happened during past three months and we were able to see that more clearly during the special meeting we organized for our teenagers' parents. We shared impressions, good cheer and positive results that come alive in teenagers' lives.

            Winter is gone but our challenges don't end here. We still share passion, desire and vision to influence and change the lives of many other teenagers. This is our goal; this is our mission!


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