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Beginning of Life - The IF 15/20 Confrence

The IF 15/20 Confrence

Category: News Created on 13 October 2014

For the participants of „Way to Success” and „Way to Success 2” courses, this year’s summer ended in a special way. Starting with 29th august till the end of the month took place, outside the city of Călărași, the youth conference „IF 15/20”. In the program was included both trainings – regarding the development of social thinking and spiritual world, but also sporting activities – camp games, rope challenges, competitions and other many attractive for youth activities.


One of the main objectives of the conference was to inform youth about the relevance and diversity of the migration phenomenon. This was made in a very practical format, avoiding lectures on topics like: „What is wrong and what is wright”. Also there was given some time to the youth to discuss with each other the above problem and also to have an exchange of ideas and to offer their own way of solving problem.    

According to surveys conducted at the end of the conference, of those surveyed, 85% have opened new aspects regarding migration in Moldova. More than this, for some of them appeared the desire to become volunteers and to search for new ways of improving the situation in Republic of Moldova. „I understood that exists good reasons to stay in Moldova – says one of the participants – many of the words said during this seminary motivated me to look from a different perspective to Moldova.”  

During almost three days spent in the camp, was formed a warm and friendly atmosphere focused on communication and reflection on issues of real importance. The youth seriously took part in all the activities organized and were sincerely attached to the trainings.  

A strong impact on young people had „social theatre”. The particularity of this drama is that the viewer can enter the stage instead of the players and change the course of events. In the scenario was presented the usual picture of a Moldavian family where parents go to work abroad, leaving their children at home under the supervision of grandparents. This way they get involved in different kind of immoral activities or become victims of some people’s paltry purposes. Young people actively were invited to search possible options of solving this unpleasant situation. They either tried finding a way of stopping parents from going abroad, or help children to stay out of troubles and bad behaviors.      

Saturday evening was dedicated to an open conversation based on the spiritual topic "Hunger for God". The young people were encouraged to spend some time in prayer for problems regarding more than just Moldova, but other countries too.

As in any other projects, this conference brought both pluses and minuses. But as an answer to the question “Would you like to attend a future conference like this?” the answer was unison – yes! This is a great encouragement for us and a strong motivation to go forward and to strive for more. 


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