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Beginning of Life - Surprise visits

Surprise visits

Category: News Created on 10 October 2014

Efforts made by the „Beginning of Life” team for the common work did not remain hidden. „BOL’s” ministry here in the local area was internationally noticed.  Not long ago held place a special meeting with a group of German deputies, part of the committee for Human Rights. All started with two different people from Germany, independent of each other who advised this German deputies to pay a visit to our organization during their official time here in Moldova. The purpose of the visit was to have a general and real picture of the human trafficking and social injustice from our country.

We believe that at this meeting these German deputies had the opportunity to be informed of things that probably nobody will tell them ... Forward, we let God to work in His way so that the „seed” planted during visit to grow correctly and to bring results. It’s important to know that in order to have somewhere, somehow any changes, someone, somewhere must stand up and bravely face the issues.

Pleasant surprises did not end here, because not long after deputies’ visit, we received a phone call from the embassy of Great Britain telling us that we will be visited at „PAS” center by the British ambassador Phil Batson together with two British members of the parliament. Again, nothing to chance - someone from the office of the British Embassy was present at the official opening of „Art Story” which held place on September 19th, 2014 and advised Ambassador Phil Batson to visit the center itself, visit which will give him some information about the social activity that takes place. Thereby (already traditionally), after the meeting with the Minister of Work and Social Protection Valentina Buliga, Ambassador Phil Batson, together with two of the British parliament members came to „PAS” and spent half of hour talking with Yulia Ubeivolc and the other employees of the center. They remained, as usually, impressed by the quality, originality and area of activity of the organization. We believe that God prepares this kind of surprises as proof of the fact that our work and efforts are not in vain… Who is next?  

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