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Beginning of Life - Challenged to be differently

Challenged to be differently

Category: News Created on 10 October 2014

Starting with august 10th till 16 august, far away from city’s noise and congestion, 70 teenagers together with their leaders have experienced a special time in a beautiful camp. The main purpose of this event was to transmit the message of the Gospel to the teenagers in an understandable way. If throughout the year during „Place of Change” courses Gospel message has not been exposed as much - because the main purpose is to create and improve relationships - now in camp due to the existing relationships and pleasant atmosphere, teens had the opportunity to hear a lot about God's plan of salvation.    


The camp program was specially organized to be as much creative and constructive as possible. Every day was full of events and action. The final challenge had the most impact on the character and spiritual condition of the teenagers. This activity followed the emphasizing of the undeserved sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Throughout the week were noticed some of the teenagers who had bad behavior or were not according to the camp rules. In this challenge they were invited in front of the public and received some very difficult penalties for them. What was interesting is that some of the leaders voluntarily came and took the penalty in their place.

We believe that the event itself has certainly reached its goals, and for most of the teenagers time spent there has remained more than just a nice memory. For example one of the leaders told us about a 15 years old teenager named Valik. He was facing some difficult problems and also giving many questions regarding some specific areas of his life, but at the end of the camp he confirmed that he also wants to attend the „Place of Change” courses.  The time spent in camp made him understand the need for change and the lack of knowledge that he has regarding some specific issues of his life. The interesting fact is that he knew very well that many of his friends were attending these courses, but he had no interest for. Another teacher told us about a boy named Vasea. His behavior during camp was very inadequate, so that many teachers were always warning him about being punished. But amazingly at the end, after the final challenge which reflected Christ’s undeserved sacrifice, he approached us and very sincerely asked for permission to be part of the „Place of Change” team.

As a result of all the time spent together in the camp many things have changed in a positive way. There were developed strong relations of friendship and trust. Teenagers continue to come to the „Place of Change” classes, and even new teenagers are willing to join us. We continue to work with them, to be close to their needs and difficult situations from their lives.


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