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Beginning of Life - "Art Story"

"Art Story"

Category: News Created on 10 October 2014

September 19th was a day of joy for the „BOL” team. God showed His providence and blessing upon the ministry that goes on for many ears. Everyone celebrated the official opening of the handicrafts store „Art Story”. To the event participated around 60-70 people. The event began after lunch and during several hours all the guests enjoyed a creatively decorated entourage, good communication, music, snacks and good cheer.        

On the territory of the center were arranged 3 attractive points which represented by their decoration those 3 art departments of „PAS” center: 

1. a place dedicated to the work with ceramics. Here was installed a special clay processing machine, so that guests were able to see how clay is being shaped and transformed; 2. Another place was dedicated to the handmade objects. Here also people had the opportunity to participate in the process of making certain objects; 3. A place dedicated to drawings. This point has hosted a beautiful exhibition of drawings and objects used in both drawing and painting.      

Also a special moment was the opportunity of the visitors to step inside the store and to admire the entire exposition. In a pleasant and creative decor were exposed manufactures, dolls, paintings, different cards, greeting cards, household items, bags of various sizes, toys and more. Mostly the products exposed were manufactures produced by the beneficiaries of the organization „Beginning of Life”, usually girls which are going through the rehabilitation program and who participate to the art therapy courses.

„Art Story” has its own story to tell. All started with the small creative workshop inside the organization. A small team of employees and girls from the rehabilitation center were motivated to produce a number of 200 dolls dressed in national popular costumes. After this, many of our partners but also known people from abroad contacted us and ordered various kinds of handicrafts. Also inside „PAS” center was set up a special place where have been exposed many of our beneficiaries’ works, so that local guests or visitors abroad could admire and also buy something.        

„Art Story” has opened its doors not to bring profit to someone, to the organization or a certain person. The earned money goes straight either to the benefit of those who put effort in producing the manufactures or to the growth of the store itself, hence appears the uniqueness of this store. Today, everyone is welcomed at the „Art Story”, where beautiful things and good people get together to leave in our hearts more than just a nice memory.


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