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Beginning of Life - We are ready for Success

We are ready for Success

Category: News Created on 02 October 2014

We believe that the young generation is, and can be, the engine of our society today. Every young boy and girl, because of what he or she is and can do, is able to contribute something more every day towards building a better future. This is where Beginning of Life’s ‘Way to Success’ program comes in, to give a helping hand towards the achievement of this goal. The primary purpose of the Way to Success course could be explained as the burning desire of leaders to provide teenagers and youth with the personal knowledge and abilities needed for personal development as individuals.


The goal is also to give a picture of new alternatives, removed from formed stereotypes, regarding studies and surrounding society. During a year of studies, the young people were given the chance to identify themselves, to understand what attracts them the most regarding a professional sphere, or simply what they love to do most. In other words, the Way to Success course – as its name suggests - helps youth to understand who they actually are, in order to be able to achieve success in different spheres of life.  

During this year, Way to Success gained more strength, and soared. While in the previous year the number participating in the course did not exceed 100, this year 160 young people were involved. It’s encouraging to see how many of those who came this year, were friends of those who took part last year, invited because of project effectiveness.  Those who come to this project are, first and foremost, people who never thought about such serious things as their professional future, but who just anticipated that they might somehow find their place in society. Most of them are simply oriented towards a goal of making as much money is possible, while not understanding fully the true value of money. 

The ‘Way to Success’ course, as a final product, offers a different perspective. For some of the students, the future is not yet clear regarding their sphere of work. But if one young man is successfully helped to understand who he is, and to appreciate that he will be able to identify himself within society one day, in the end a healthy idea can be planted in every young man’s mind regarding a sphere of work in which he can integrate.

As an example, there was a young man who, from the very first day of training, was giving many deep questions about life, future and profession. He was very active, communicable and full of life all the time. In answer to the question:  “What will you do in life?” he didn’t have a clear answer, but only a vague idea of the fact that he would like to teach people somehow. Finally, based on the entire project, he revealed that he would like to be a Russian language teacher.

In conclusion, most of the young men and women present for this training - even if they are not actively on the final decision path - are now walking on a properly-directed way, from which they easily can make a turn to something good in the near future.  The beauty of this course consists in emphasizing young people’s talents, capabilities and aspirations, and then working with them, as though with some useful instrument, so that their final goals can be reached.

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