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Beginning of Life - Living through the Easter moments

Living through the Easter moments

Category: News Created on 12 June 2014

The BOL team, along with members of Light for the World Church and volunteers, decided this year to look at the Easter holiday from the different, new perspective. We wanted to live through those moments of the Last Supper with the apostles and Jesus Christ; to reflect on the night in Gethsemane; to look in the eyes of Pontius Pilate; to be near the crucified Lord and, at the end, to be witnesses of His resurrection...

During the weeks around Easter this special journey was carried out 10 times for more than 360 people. Among those who went through this journey were single mothers, children and teenagers with their parents and many other young people. Our team wanted to tell people about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, to show how God leads people toward His salvation.
Here are some impressions and testimonies shared by people who participated in this journey:-
“On each individual event I felt a special influence of the Holy Spirit. We saw this in the team in general and in each individual member who had put their effort and their heart into our play, trying to repeat the example of our Lord, who was washing the feet of His disciples.  We also saw how, in their notes to God, beneficiaries wrote sincere words of repentance and gratitude to Him for offering salvation and hope…” Yulia Ubeivolc, the author of the play
“Even though I played my role ten times, each time my feelings were both more comprehensive and new. The Easter story that we read in the Bible became clearer and closer to me. In the eyes of some people I saw astonishment; others with blank eyes; others who were open and were thirstily absorbing each word about Christ, hoping to see a miracle! Thankful for this event, my heart is full of gratitude to God for the miracle of His resurrection…”  Dmitrii I., 24 years old, student
“Our Easter journey was so captivating… it seemed to me that I was in the spotlight… like I was there.  It was shown so vividly, how hard it was for Jesus in those moments. It became clear to me how much our salvation costs. This play was understandable for teenagers and made me think about this… not just me, but all my friends too.” Anna, 15 years old
“This was an exceptional event. I expected something else, but this improvised journey amazed me from the beginning. It was an extraordinary feeling, as if you were walking the path Jesus walked. It was like for real. Hearing the words that were spoken, in my thoughts I flew there, into the time of these events. For the first time I heard the story of Easter that was celebrated in the Old Testament, and looked differently at the Easter we celebrate nowadays. It helped me understand more deeply the meaning of this holiday. Calvary made me think of what Jesus did for me. When we were welcomed with the words “Jesus is Risen”, I felt special joy and my heart cried “Jesus is Alive!” Kate M., 19 years old
“I have been a Christian for more than 20 years and a member of ‘Light to the World’ Church. During all those years, many times I read the biblical story of Jewish and Christian Easter. The visualization of these events was special for me. I was in a group of adults and right away met a lady named Larisa, who is 50 years old. When the play was over we talked for a long time. I found out that Larisa believes God exists and lately was looking for a church which would explain everything to her. This evening was decisive for her. Influenced by what she saw and heard, Larisa prayed a sincere prayer of repentance and since then has been coming to church with her daughters.” Nina T., 78 years old


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