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Beginning of Life - Escape 2. Is possible to be born twice?

Escape 2. Is possible to be born twice?

Category: News Created on 01 April 2014

Literally – no! It is impossible to become again a small embryo, to enter the womb of a mother again to be born. But the concepts of ‘rebirth’ or ‘revival’ are used quite widely, for example by Christians as an explanation of what happens to the person who has believed in God. This concept was used also in history, calling a whole era the ‘Renaissance’, that is – revival. From XIV to the XVI century, Europe endured the whole wave of ‘new, revived’ arts. The same words are used by religious organizations, political parties, social movements - those who want to cast something ‘old’ in a ‘new’ light.

There came a time for ‘Escape’ magazine’s revival. In the last two years it practically returned to a mono-celled state. Enduring rethinking, it found the new shape, new team, new vision.  
Escape returned, Escape is live, Escape will live.  Escape was born a second time to give young people in Moldova an alternative, to see the world by other eyes, to fall in love with the homeland even more strongly, as well as to rethink the purpose of their life and to have their voice in society.
Through Escape, young people would find new friends, would taste value of life and faith in God, would turn away from platitude and dirt, immorality and spiritual impoverishment.  Escape is some kind of exit from the pessimistic world to the positive one. It’s a provocation, it is a movement. Behind us already stay thousands of young people willing to make a difference in the actual situation in Moldova. In the last days of February 2014, the BOL team issued a new edition of Escape.
Until now, Escape magazine was informing teenagers and young people about the dangers of trafficking, exploitation and illegal migration, as well as promoting Kingdom values and principles of life. Now, our vision is not only to alert young people to these things, but also to help them to form their characters and entire personalities.
We desire to shape the new generation of young leaders who would take under their responsibility the situation in Moldova. Escape Magazine is one of the powerful tools BOL uses for reaching this goal.
This year we plan to produce 24,000 copies in the two main languages spoken in Moldova – Romanian and Russian. The magazine will be distributed by our social teachers in public schools, at teen clubs meetings and ‘Way to Success’ trainings, as well as within a wide network of Christian leaders influencing young people in local communities. We are going to distribute the magazine not only in the capital, Chisinau, but also in other cities such as Balti, Comrat, Ungheni and others. Taking into consideration economic and social situation in the country, the magazine will be distributed for free.
Also, we have started to develop Escape crossmedia channels that can be used for publishing the magazine. Escape web and social networking platforms in closer future will become great tools to expand our vision and influence. This way we will reach more teenagers and young people throughout Eastern Europe.

You can read one of the previous issues in English here:



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