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Beginning of Life - We got to the fairy tale...

We got to the fairy tale...

Category: News Created on 06 February 2014

From the moment the Psychological Art Studio opened at BOL there hasn’t been a single day when people haven’t come. We believe that God can heal the hearts of people through Art and the process of creation. We would like to share with you just several of many amazing testimonies that people have shared with us once they have become regulars at PAS. Each of them came to us from different situations, and different times, and with various problems. What unites all of them is a desire to find a way out, to find peace and healing for their hearts…

 «I got acquainted with BOL through the project for single mothers. I have a small child, almost 2 years old. When my son was only 2 months old, he was diagnosed with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. For our family it was a heavy blow, my relationship with my husband was on the verge of divorce. The illness of the child really upset me, drained all of my resources and self-confidence. In the summer I got to go to a camp run by the BoL team. There, I felt as if I had been born again. All of the meetings and conversations at the Bible lessons were living water filling my heart. I listened to every word, and it seemed to me that the world around me changed. The love and attention which I received there lifted me up into new life. After camp I was invited to come to the PAS center. This place has become a place of strength. For several hours I can leave my hard reality and plunge into a world of creativity. Here, I am filled with light and strength so that when I return home I can see how I have been helped to cope with my difficulties.



"I came from the university to undergo practical training in Psychological Art Studio and thought that here I will help others, but it came out that finally I received help here…

My life was very confused and complicated. In my family since the childhood I was exposed to violence which didn’t end, even when I got married. My husband also was abusing me what eventually led to a divorce. In the result, even being a Christian, I am still compelled to fight against my past experience. And often I struggle, being unable to cope that alone.

Half a year spent in PAS became for me special time not only because of unique training and skills, but also personal rehabilitation. I worked with women in different missions, but only here I have learned at first hand, how effective is a combination of the psychologist and the artist work in the process of recovery. Professional art and counseling are very helpful in solving deep inner problems. During this period I gained valuable skills and experience for my ministry to women.



«My son and I came to PAS for the first time several months ago, for a consultation with the psychologist. I raise my son Alex and take care of him alone. My husband was strongly dependent on alcohol and frequently offended us. So while he was drinking with friends, I had to take care of all of us. Very often, coming back from work, I was finding my child hungry, undressed and alone. Eventually, we left, and I went to live with my parents.

When my son went to the school the teachers began to complain of his behavior and poor progress in study. I couldn’t cope with this anymore and didn’t know what to do… But one of teachers advised me to contact the psychologist at BOL - Yulia Ubeyvolk. I was always skeptical about psychologists. But I was in despair and tired of hearing from people that my son is “ill-bred and sick». Alex, as well as I, was afraid to go to PAS for the first time; however, when we came we arrived into a fairy tale. We were absolutely amazed by the beauty of this place as we walked through and looked around. Two hours of consultation passed quickly, as if time had stopped. That evening both of us left this center happy and inspired. From that day on, Sasha has been waiting eagerly to go to PAS every Thursday. After a month the teachers at school noticed that Alex had become more self-assured and often even quotes things that he has learned at the center. I have also received very valuable advice and recommendations about how to be a better mother. I see my mistakes in the process of my son’s education. Now I am learning to change my attitude towards him. Even my father was invited to a session with the psychologist after the we saw through Alex’s drawings that his grandfather was a key figure and significant model. After this meeting my father began to spend more time with Alex. Thank you for the differences in my family.»



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