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Beginning of Life - The light of Christmas to everyone

The light of Christmas to everyone

Category: News Created on 31 January 2014

Christmas is considered a light and heartwarming holiday for good reason. The Bible says that Light came to the world. St. Irenaeus explains this so: “Christ came to the earth and became like us, that we to become like Him… a little better, and lighter and purer...”

So in December the Beginning of Life team, with the support of our partners and volunteer groups, brought again a little light to those who are deprived of the warmth of love, and feel thrown aside and forgotten.


There is too limited space here to detail all the meetings and events that have taken place within BOL over Christmas. During December, we reached more than 2000 people of different ages and social status. Each had opportunity to touch the light of the Christmas star and to see where it directs them…

The Psychological Art Studio, and ‘House of Change’ rehabilitation and reintegration center for victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking, held a Christmas meeting for more 220 people. Single mothers were invited, with their little children.

For many years, BOL has supported single mothers who decide not to abandon their children despite their difficult circumstances, and has helped children whose families for various reasons are incapable of caring for them. Many of these children don’t share holiday opportunities, and for some it was for the very first time. The joyful message Christmas was reflected in the responses of these children, and echoed in the tears of their parents.

Elena, a social assistant in the project with poor children, says: “More than once I have visited the houses of these children and understood why they so long to come to our center. After all, for many of them the gift received at BOL was the only gift they received during the year. These meetings became blessings for these children, and hope for their parents…”

Besides that, we didn’t forget about 40 girls, graduates of “House of Change”, who within last 4 years successfully passed the program of rehabilitation and gradually get used to independent life. For them it was an encouragement that we don’t cut our relation with them and continue to stay at their side.

Around 100 teenagers, who regularly visited the Urban Center on Sundays during fall, also came to a holiday event and had a unique opportunity to send to God a letter on flying balloons!

Students from Lyceum K. Sibirsky, where for many years the BOL team has carried out complex work, helped to make all these meetings interesting and full of colorful content. Christmas clubs for youth were also held in the Urban Center and Light for the World Church, where the number of people surprisingly broke the record for all years these events have been taking place. More than 150 people gathered together to celebrate birthday of the King of Kings. And each of them left, similar to Bethlehem shepherds, having learned about Christ Redeemer. Limited places in our centers didn’t hinder the pleasure of sharing Christmas warmth, with gifts for more than 1000 children and adults within 3 lyceums of the Chisinau, 2 Maternal Centers as well as in 6 locations throughout Moldova: Balti, Komrat, Causheni, Piatra-Alba, Maximovka and Flutura - where many families in need awaited a small miracle of Christmas.


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