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Beginning of Life - The second step toward the future

The second step toward the future

Category: News Created on 22 January 2014

As another year of educational life begins and schools open their doors for thousands of students, the Urban Center starts its new season of activities to give young people new ideas and experience, and to equip them for a better future.

In previous newsletters we have written about our pilot project, ‘Way to Success’. The achievements of this unique educational course encouraged us to continue, with a renewed strategy and improvements.

We have taken into consideration all strong and weak points of the first course, and developed the ‘Way to Success’ two-year educational program.  

During the first year, about 140 young girls and boys in 7 different groups go through special training and seminars that help them to understand, control and fulfill themselves in society. The next year corresponds to a second level of education and personal growth. Already, 40 graduates from the first level are learning how to understand other people and to lead them.

“We try to show these girls and boys that they have an alternative; that they have the chance not to leave Moldova, but to find their place and make a difference here. We want to make them aware of wrong decisions and ways, false dreams and mistakes that could ruin their own lives as well as someone else’s. Our Urban Center is focused not only on informing young people about the dangers of human trafficking, exploitation and illegal migration, but also on preparing, equipping and empowering them for a future life. That’s why we use principles and practices of discipleship. We fulfill the mission given to us by God.” Trainer and social educator, Peter Litnevsky.

One evening Alexander, a young man from the ‘Way to success’ group, came to me and asked if we could talk, - Benyamin Sazonov, operations director of Urban Center, - I agreed. Looking in my eyes, he said to me: “I know what you are trying to do with us, and what your real goal is. It is not just professional orientation or skills. No, no, you dig much deeper than that. You talk about things that we didn’t even think about or consider. I understand that you try to change our mind, our vision of things around; you try to touch our hearts. That’s your true intention. But, you know, I like that. It makes sense for me and I want to follow you, I want to learn from you…” This intelligent young man had grasped our goal and desire. A new generation, including this young man, is very open for mentoring. Together with 39 other young people, Alexander made a next step towards a better future, not only for himself, but also for others. They already participated in a short-mission trip and were serving, with other volunteers, around 220 students in the ‘Ropes Course’ carried out by the Urban center team.

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