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Beginning of Life - PERE-GDE Conference - growing Heart for Changes (video)

PERE-GDE Conference - growing Heart for Changes (video)

Category: News Created on 23 November 2017

Our long awaited conference from the series of ‘PERE…‘ (transformation/reshaping) was held on November the 18th.

Studio of Innovative Leadership, which is a school and a workshop for growing and empowering social and church leaders played a huge role in gathering over 300 young people and leaders to a special discussion about social and spiritual transformation, learning from professionals and active leaders. Our participants joined us from all over Moldova, but also guests from abroad.

Interactivity, evaluation and discussion of the current real issues of the country, focus on practical and innovative application of the ideas and models discussed, are just a small part of what made this event unique and special for all participants. Moreover, together with conference’s main discussions, our team decided to reach a helping hand to a teenage boy, student of 5D program who is in a wheelchair. An essential part of the sold tickets and the snacks which people could buy were directed towards Nikita’s need. To our surprise, people were very open and we were able to gather over 15.000 lei (850 USD) and bring hope in Nikita’s family. We had Nikita and his mother join us on the stage during conference and together we sang the words ‘’you are one of us’’.

Now as we look back, there is joy in our hearts as witnesses to a massive desire of personal character transformation and willingness to reach out our needy society.







’I remember my first motivation conference, a few years ago. The place I visited said very clearly: ‘CHANGES begin with you’. Till today those words challenged my character and my life, turning me into a better person. Today, however, it feels like I did a step back in the past – the same words ‘PERE…’ speak to me again, but in a new, more challenging way than ever. I can certainly say that being here at the conference helped me reinforce my understanding about changes and grow passion for the needs around me.’’ (Tatos)  



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