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Beginning of Life - Art House - the Place of Opportunities

Art House - the Place of Opportunities

Category: News Created on 21 February 2017

What is Art House? For sure it's something more than just a house... Art House is something more than just numbers and measurements; it is the house of opportunities, the house of second chance, all for the benefit of BOL beneficiaries suffering from lack of material support.

It is the place where more than 30 women, single mothers and girls from the integration program of BOL get employment and come to materialize their talent and skills into beautiful artworks.

                Every day, or at least few times a week single mothers coming there have opportunity to leave their children in the care of the social teachers at Early Learning Center and for several hours fully dedicate to answer to either outside orders, or manufacturing goods for the Art Story shop. All their work is fully paid out of the goods they make and sell, thus being able to earn necessary money in order to develop self-support and care for their small families. Moreover, Art House is an amazing environment that welcomes communication, emotional support and encouragement, being a favorable environment where single mothers and girls can learn laboring skills, share their experience and issues they face, without ever being judged or rejected for what they have and can do.

                One of the best examples within Art House project is Dina, a single mother, victim of sexual violence. Today she gained allot of experience in working with the sewing machine, so much that one of her latest incomes record was of 13,000 lei (650$), for which she work hardly. She is one of the most talented and motivated women to work and not give up on building a better future for her and her family. She said to us: "Here I met the people that reached out a hand in my vulnerable situation and gave me a chance for better living. Here I practically changed my social status and gained confidence in life." Dina is now able to support her monthly rent on apartment, to pay for her baby's kindergarten and administrate her daily life with the income.

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