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Beginning of Life - Pay attention! Your future is at Risk!

Pay attention! Your future is at Risk!

Category: News Created on 21 February 2017

In the first week of December Children and Youth Development Program held a special meeting for 97 teachers coming from various schools in the country, from all three regions, center, north and south.

These were both teachers who already participated in other previous similar discussions and are familiar with our activities, but also teachers who attended our meetings for the first time. Surprisingly, to the extent of more than 95% of them came very excited and challenged by the proposed topics and ideas, got actively involved within the entire program and discussion, and left with high impressions, gratitude and many materials to work with within their home schools.

                We gathered the teachers to hear their feedback on the work conducted with the help of the previous materials they received and we were more than happy to hear that most of them took responsibility and practiced what we taught them and used the lessons in their classes, learning that more than 7000 students were reached out with the training materials from the previous issued number of the training book, series ''The generation of the future''. In the same time, we were pleased to present them the new issued training book ''Pay attention! Your future is at risk'' from the same series ''The generation of the future''. A new relevant material for them as teachers to be used in class hours with their students, fighting against risky behavior.

The main topic - ''The picture of the contemporary teenager''. Together we tried to identify his needs, worldview, his way of thinking, etc., and the way we can help and get involved in directing that towards proper development and risk safe life. Also teachers learned about the less common method used within our public schools' system, education through game use, a tool which proves to be very useful and relevant in many contexts. 

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