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Beginning of Life - How to Measure the Future (video)

How to Measure the Future (video)

Category: News Created on 23 August 2016

With new year of work our joy grows more and more, as we are challenged to reach out numeric and qualitative more young people. For this year, over 300 young people have spent a lot of time with us this, of whom 257 have completed the first and second phases of BOL’s training programmes. They allowed themselves to be influenced by trainers and mentors, while influencing each other and engaging in interactive education along with social transformation initiatives.


Their graduation celebration was held outside of the capital, gathering students together for a memorable day of challenges, contests and pleasant time spent together sharing experiences and creating new friend


The Way to Success graduates made a step towards real understanding and managing of themselves and others, through real projects.

Most of them already elaborated and implemented their own social projects that took place this summer time.

Along with this, we are happy to see the openness and passion in many of the graduates, who come back to Way to Success Program as mentors or leaders of the new groups of students, sharing with them professional skills, moral and spiritual values as well as simply giving guidance on issues they had once addressed. That’s it! Now we can measure a successful future...


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