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Beginning of Life - Going beyond the Limits

Going beyond the Limits

Category: News Created on 26 May 2016

Success of social transformation is usually measured by achieved changes in the lives of people and number of actively involved leaders. We believe that alternative and continuing education can make this difference in lives of future and actual leaders in Moldova. Our team decided to go beyond the limits, and designed a different educational set within the context.


Self-understanding and strong social responsibility and awareness, ability to deal with the weaknesses and strengths as well to see the threats and opportunities, these are the major results that we see in our students. But there are many more young people who are deprived of these kinds of opportunities. So, in order to overcome this limitation, in March this year we organized first training for trainers on the basis of Way to Success Manual and all the experience gained within the last 15 years of ministry in state schools with students and teachers.

We had great opportunity to share our vision and materials with 60 leaders from urban and rural context, teachers and directors from various schools, pastors and leaders working with teenagers and youth, coming from various regions and areas of activity in Moldova, as well as in Russia, Estonia and Belarus. All these people have weekly interaction with young people and are very open to learn and find new ways of empowering youth for better life, and this way becoming agents of social transformation in their communities.

            Most of our guests approached us with gratitude and positive feedback.

We are living in a small community with strong traditions and prejudices. So we find that this experience and materials will help us to work better with the youth, and break the ice of suspicion.” – Yurii S. (Estonia)

For many years I am involved in school ministry and leading young people, and I think this interactive course will help me and many other leaders to make a new step in our development and success” – Alexander (Russia)

Finally participants gained a holistic picture on how effective teaching should be implemented, the best ways to approach students and how passion and motivation should be cultivated within the lives of our young people. Moreover, even now we get phone calls and emails from our teachers, trying to preserve good contact with us for further relations and more assistance in their educational process. 

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