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Beginning of Life - By changing today, we improve Tomorrow

By changing today, we improve Tomorrow

Category: News Created on 17 February 2016

This February we were thrilled by the idea of organizing a special meeting for our Way to Success graduates, a meeting that will assist and train their experience as consumers within society and especially their fresh steps in the field of employment. Over 45 graduates said yes to our invitation and came excited to participate at the training.

The name we gave to our discussion was: "Consumer's Law and Employment among youth". For that we invited one of our social teachers and trainers, Radion Velcev, who has professional training and activity experience in the juridical field for many years.

                As idea, we were strongly motivated by the daily reality of our society, counting many unfortunate situations where ordinary employees and consumers face issues of manipulation, fraud or violation of their rights, especially when it comes to young people who graduate higher education institutions and make their first steps in the fields. Among such people, unfortunately, are some of our graduates who also came with similar experiences when looking for a job or applying for certain services, mostly because they know very less about their rights as consumers and active citizens of this country.  

                Combining numerous issues of the law in the field with creativity and real life situations, we managed to have a positive and constructive discussion on subjects such as: What does it mean to be a consumer?; What rights of consumers are usually broken?; How to understand and protect your rights?; What actions to take and who to address when you experienced fraud?; How to elaborate a petition and so on. It was surprisingly pleasant to see our graduates participating with enthusiasm and desire to bring order within the experience and knowledge they have in the field. They also gave allot of important questions, mostly coming from unfortunate situations they had of fraud or manipulation. Moreover, they had questions regarding employment and ways to avoid manipulation at work, in terms of salary, working hours, documents, and so on.  

                Looking back, we understand that our graduates, and even more - the young men and women, in the lives of which we have an impact, are totally capable and ready to grow and develop a healthy and transparent culture within our corrupt and poor society. Thus, we believe this meeting was very important, both for us and for them, by answering to many of their questions and ambiguities they have. Now they are more aware of their mistakes, and also learned about the rights and obligations they have for bringing quality and transparency in what they do. Moreover, by gathering them in one place we created a good opportunity to meet with each other and with their leaders, to engage discussions and share experiences, trying to learn from each other with the purpose of building strong characters for making a difference within our society.


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